Technology has introduced revolutionary changes in all areas of life and businesses

At Bridge57, we provide innovative technology solutions to address market and social challenges and the current realities of our clients.

Our Solutions

Experience the future of work with our advanced technology solutions, designed to optimize productivity, efficiency and drive innovation in your operations


Voice Biometrics Solutions

Unlock the power of secure and convenient authentication with our state-of-the-art voice biometrics solutions.

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Multi-factor Authentication

Strengthen your security with ease using our advanced multi-factor authentication solutions, combining multiple layers of protection.

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Traffic Solution

Intelligent Transportation

Transportation ecosystem transformation leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize tracking, efficiency, and safety.

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Use Cases

Efficient Customer Center with Voice Technology


Common Challenges with Customer Centers

  • Call Duration
  • Poor User Experience
  • Insufficient Security

Implementing Our Voice Solutions

  • Improved user experience
  • Call shortened by 30 - 90 seconds
  • For a 3 minutes average call duration and 5,000 calls per day, client saves 41 hours daily

Multi-factor Authentication

Keep your organization ahead of ever-changing security threats.

  • Radical elimination of fraud in high-risk transactions
  • Build loyalty and trust for your banking institution
  • Attract high-end customers
  • Increase your bank's cash flow and revenue

Areas of Apllication

  • eBanking
  • ATM Real-time ID Authentication
  • eCommerce
  • Corporate Banking
Fraud Alert-2

Voice Biometrics for Fraud Detection and Investigation

Easily detect fraud and crime from audio recordings with our tool that analyzes conversations, identifies speakers, and searches thousands of recordings for matches.


  • Fraud teams in Telcos, Banks, and Utility companies
  • Investigators
  • Government
  • Corporate Organizations:

Smart Traffic Management

This solution is designed for automatic identification, registration, and control of the movement of vehicles.

  • Automated detection and registration  of red light  and stop line crossing violations
  • Automated detection and registration  of speed limit-exceeding violations
Traffic Solution

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